Fresh Avocado Salad

Fresh Avocado Lazy Salad

Having just relocated to California , I have found my self with bountiful amounts of avocados and a an unrelenting spirit to cook easy lazy meals. In the last few days I’ve found a way to infuse avocados into nearly every dish ( I really have to because they are a ticking time bomb of spoiled fruit ).

Here’s a quick salad idea that’s a little more entertaining then your average salad.


4-5 Romaine Lettuce Leaves

1 / 2 Avocado

5 Plum Tomatoes

Handful of shredded cheddar cheese

2-4 Tablespoons of Cilantro Dressing

1 Slice of Whole Wheat Bread


1. Toast up bread in toaster on extra dark. Slice up into small cubes. (Homemade croutons , ta da!)

2. Slice romaine lettuce horizontally into strips, slice plum tomatoes in half,  and extract half an avocado through grid slicing technique. Please see video.

3. Add all ingredients to a bowl , mix vigorously and enjoy.

Simple, delicious and healthy snack for a lazy man with the spirit of a lazy chef.


Rosemary Chicken Sausage Omelet YUM!

Rosemary Chicken Sausage Omlette Plate

An Enticing Plate of Rosemary Sausage Omelet.

Here’s a great 5 minute breakfast that is sure to impress you , your mom , your neighbors , your girlfriend … Whoever! If

they like meat and deliciousness, they’ll be hooked. Create something majestic out of a few common enough ingredients.

*You will need fresh rosemary on hand, you can pull out the dried shaker of rosemary from the back of the cabinet but honestly just get some fresh from the market, its a world of difference in terms of flavor.



2 eggs

1 Chicken Sausage ( or Hot Dog , I’m substituting for health)

1/2 branch of Fresh Rosemary

5 Plum Tomatoes

2 tablespoons of Olive Oil

1 Slice Colby Jack Cheese ( or cheese of equivalent value )


1. Heat up frying pan on medium with olive oil.  Finely chop up the Rosemary, dice the chicken sausage into sizable cubes and add it to the pan.

Let Cook for 2 minutes or til sausage is slightly brown.

2. Slice plum tomatoes in half and throw into the pan. Mix  for 1 minute.

3. Add 2 eggs and let the omlette solidify. Flip omelet over, add cheese of choice and semi cover the pan for 1 minute letting the cheese melt.

Boom. You have a delicious omelet with some real fresh rosemary flavor and a pretty fancy breakfast for the little effort you just put in. Enjoy my friends.